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  Colossians 2:7




Seven years ago when God called us to this work of "educating and inspiring servant leaders for Christ” it seemed like an impossible mission.

The need for a great Christian school in Kampala was clear and God's call was also unmistakable.  But we had nothing to start with. No teachers or students or money or classrooms. 

Yet God, in his love, in the wonderful way he works, blessed us.   He blessed us lavishly with much more than dared to hope for or image, with exceptional teachers, amazing students and fun classroom spaces.   Never too much but always enough.

After several years of blessing it occurred to me that if God is behind this project, as he seems to be, and if he has called us to build an amazing school to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders, as I believe he has, then we need to be very careful that we do not diminish his work by the smallness of our dreams.  This thought weighed on me.

International schools, like Acacia, which serve not only missionaries but executives, politicians, entrepreneuers and humanitarian workers are key institutions shaping the moral, political and spiritual trajectory of nations across Africa.  What is our generation doing to stand in this gap?  What kind of legacy will leave? 

I am delighted to report that our School Board had the courage to join me in imagining how we can fundamentally up-end the landscape of Christian education in Uganda.  How can we set this nation and its future leaders ablaze for Christ.

That is at the heart of the Lakeside Capital Campaign. 


He has called us to an impossible mission.  We will give it our best.  And you are welcome to join us.


Jason Carpenter,  Head of School 

Read the rest of the Master Plan here.



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